Thermo adhesive label to mark your clothes | | Thermo adhesive label to mark your clothes

Thermo adhesive label to mark your clothes

Thermo adhesive label to mark your clothes

  • Application: With a conventional iron at maximum power between 15-20 seconds, on any type of fabric that does not have hair or curl. You just need to cut and iron the label on the garment.
  • Manufacture in 48 hrs and free shipping. Make your order online!
  • Iron-on labels for clothing with white background and black letter without icon. Made of soft fabric and 100% customizable.
  • These labels are supplied in rolls containing 25, 50, 100, 150 or 200 names printed on a single roll of fabric. The width of the personalized labels is 7 x 1 cm wide.
  • To guarantee maximum resistance and quality in fixing on clothes, these thermo-adhesive labels are printed using a sophisticated ink transfer system that guarantees their resistance to the use of washing machine and dryer.
  • Uses: Ideal for applying to all types of school clothing, camping, sports, residences, hospitals, jackets, among other garments.
  • Composition: 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton. Highly resistant to daily use, washing machine (max. 60º) and dryer at low temperature. Suitable for atopic skin and allergies.
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