Custom labels pack | Custom labels pack

Our label packs cover all your needs when it comes to marking and identifying your belongings. Following the requests of our clients, we have created various packs of labels to mark clothes, socks, footwear, school supplies, sports equipment ... and much more!

The label packs contain labels to mark fabric clothes and adhesive labels to mark any object, the latter in various sizes and various colors. Our label packs are 100% customizable. Discover our personalized label packs for your clothes and objects!

Uses of the custom label pack

With these label packs you can mark both clothes and any other object (jackets, uniforms, tracksuits, school supplies, pacifiers, tuppers, electronic gadgets, etc.). In addition, the "multicolor pack" contains a key ring with an identification tag to mark suitcases and backpacks. Thanks to the variety of sizes, formats and colors, these labels cover any use and need.

We also offer you the pack to match socks. These are fun iron-on labels with which you can match 40 pairs of socks. There are 3 pack models to choose from, each with different colors and icons.

Discover them and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Variety of label packs

At MarcaRopa we have several types of label packs. Both in the multicolored pack and in the 155 pack you can find both thermo-adhesive labels for clothing and adhesive labels. The multicolored pack contains 50 labels to iron on clothes, 96 adhesive labels of various sizes and a key ring with an identification label to mark the backpack or suitcase. Pack 155 contains 100 labels to iron on clothes and 55 stickers. We also have a tag pack to match 40 pairs of socks, a fun way to help little ones organize their clothes.

The Gift Box of the Pack of 155 labels is ideal to give to family, friends and future moms. It is a box that works like a “smartbox”. It contains a promotional code with which you can quickly and easily customize and place the order at zero cost and will receive it at the indicated address. The promotional code does not expire.

Our label packs are 100% customizable, you can choose the icon, background color, font color, font. The fabric labels are always white with the black font and icon selected, while the adhesive labels are in various colors, allowing you to choose between various combinations and much more!

Think of us

"Perfect for putting a name on the school uniform and so on. It sticks super easy with the iron and holds washed without peeling."

Product reviewed: Classic clothing label

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"We bought wristbands for my daughter's birthday. Everyone was delighted."

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